Should You Share Your Goals Publicly?

Should You Share Your Goals Publicly?

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One thing I always think of when I want to try something new or I set a new goal for myself is whether or not I should tell people. I don’t know how many times I get so excited to do something I tell people and then the next thing I know I’ve either started and quit or worse never even tried. So the big question here is should you or should you not tell others your goals?

When you tell people you are going to do something one of two things happen.

1.) They encourage and praise you

2.) They try to discourage you

Now one of these two things sounds like a good thing, but in reality both can be detrimental.

People Encourage You

Now I don’t know about you , but if I tell someone I am going to do something and I get positive and encouraging feedback. I get really excited for a couple days, and then BAM that feeling is gone, and I have now stopped working toward what ever my goal was.

If someone is going to praise you, you want someone who is going to praise your process (ex. You have been doing so well being consistent with your workouts and diet) vs. someone who just gives your personal praise ( ex. You must have good genetics you lose weight so fast!)

Negative Feedback

If I get negative feedback and people are discouraging the obvious happens. I start self doubting, and I start telling myself that what I’m am trying to do is silly, and there is no bother even to try. Again the result is the same and I never end up reaching my goal.

Now on the opposite side of this, if you have been doing something for awhile and you are confident in your abilities. The Negative feedback can be used to your advantage. The key is to be comfortable before you go seeking it.

One of the main reasons people think that by telling other people about your goals. It is a way to hold them accountable. While this can be true you have to be careful with who you tell. If you are going to tell someone about your goals in order to hold you accountable it is better to tell someone who you really trust like a really close friend. You are less likely to follow through if you tell someone who is just an acquaintance or a completely stranger.

Another thing you need to watch out for when sharing your goals is competition. How many times have you told someone something you wanted to do or something you have done. Only for them to respond with, “Well I know someone…”. While healthy competition may be okay hearing something like this there is a better chance that it will decrease your motivation rather than boosting it.

In my experience the only time I have found that this may not be true is when doing a physical activity. I am pretty competitive so if I am at the gym or taking some sort of class or group environment. I am more likely to lift heavier or run longer. So, if you have a fitness goal this is something you might want to keep in mind.

So is it better to tell people or is it better to keep your goals to yourself?

The best answer I can give is Think About It. Think about the goal you have set for yourself and think about the people you have around you. Tell the people who are going to help you achieve that particular goal you have set. You don’t have to tell the same person everything you have in mind.

Be realistic in how you think some one will impact you and the goal you have set for yourself. It is okay if you decide to keep your goals to yourself!!

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