Self Care on a Budget

Self Care on a Budget

Self care produces positive feelings, reduces stress, and improves confidence and self-esteem.  It is important for everyone friends, family, husband, wife, and even your kids.  While taking time out of a hectic schedule and be difficult.  It is something that is extremely important and should not just be pushed to the side.  Here are just a few budget friendly ways that you can use to take a little time for yourself or maybe send as a gift to someone you care about that needs to take a little more time for themselves.


Aromatherapy Candle  

Aromatherapy candles help boost your mood and relax you.  They are a cheap easy way to de-stress after a long crazy day.  Aromatherapy candles target the scent receptors in your brain as you breathe in the scent and trigger the parts of the brain responsible for calming you down.


Having a cup of your favorite hot drink. 

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the night when I’m all cozy and wrapped up is to have a warm cup of hot chocolate while I’m reading a book, watching tv, or relaxing with Matt.  Drinking something warm before bed can also help you get a better night sleep as well.

&& if you want to splurge a little bit and add something extra fancy try adding a chocolate or candy spoon to stir your drink with!! 



Facemasks are the perfect thing to help you relax and pull out the impurities in your skin. There are all kinds of different masks you can use that will do different things. They hydrate, remove excess oils and help make pores smaller!  


Exfoliating scrubs

I Love exfoliating scrubs!  By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells which allows for easier absorption of a skin moisturizers into the skin.  You just feel so much better!  I also have an exfoliating brush that I use so I can reach my back.

Fav music playlist

I try to take a half hour aleast a day to listen to some relaxing or uplifting music.  Recently I have been finding 30min guided meditations on youtube and listening to them right before I go to bed.  They relaxing me and I feel so much better after listening to them.  I have noticed that I have been happier and more motivated to do things through out the day.  I definitely recommend trying them out


Take a Bath

 This is pretty self explanatory , but this might be one of my most favorite things to do in the world.  It is just so nice to lay in a nice warm bath, listen to music, meditate, watch your fav tv series, or really anything to end your night before crawling into bed. I absolutely love it!

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