54 Things to Do When You Can't  Go on a Vacation

54 Things to Do When You Can't Go on a Vacation

Everyone loves going on a vacation, but sometimes making it happen is a little easier said then done. Life throws us curve balls, and no matter what the reason may be that you can’t go on a vacation. There are always things you can do close to home that can make it seem like you are on a mini getaway.

So here is it a list of 54 things you can do when you can’t go on vacation!!

  1. Watch a movie taking place somewhere you want to travel to

  2. Read a book that has the ability to take you to distant lands

  3. If you don’t like to read try an Audiobook

  4. Learn a new language

  5. Visit a museum

  6. Go to the spa or have a spa day at home

  7. Take a short roadtrip

  8. Say yes more to going out

  9. Take a cooking class

  10. Follow Travel based Instagram Accounts

  11. Join Facebook groups about travel

  12. Visit a near by gallery

  13. Plan a short weekend getaway

  14. Look at some travel guides

  15. Go on a picnic

  16. Start a Travel Fund

  17. Plan your Dream Vacation

  18. Take unique pictures of your hometown

  19. Take a Train Ride

  20. Get an all day bus pass and hop on and off at different places you want to see

  21. Go to a cultural celebration

  22. Talk and Listen to people about their travels

  23. Search places on Pinterest

  24. Visit an ethnic neighborhood close by

  25. Go on a mini cruise or a sightseeing cruise

  26. Try a new restaurant

  27. Have a bonfire

  28. See a show

  29. Take a bike ride

  30. Go glamping

  31. Host a barbecue

  32. Look at old vacation photos

  33. Decorate a room with a travel theme

  34. Go to a local beach or pool

  35. Take touristy photos

  36. Go to a festival

  37. Go on a fancy night out

  38. Go hiking

  39. Explore the most impressive nature spot around you

  40. Have a staycation

  41. Go on a food tour

  42. Take a segway tour

  43. Go on a scavenger hunt

  44. Check out a nearby zoo

  45. Volunteer

  46. Book a room with a view

  47. Go to a lake front cabin

  48. Try a new outdoor adventure

  49. Go on a best of your city tour

  50. Wine tasting or brewery tour

  51. Check out seasonal events

  52. Go to a theme park

  53. Have or Go to a midnight pool party

  54. Sleep outside in your back yard

This list is only the beginning and the possibilities are endless. Honestly all it boils down to is coming up with something to do that isn’t already in your daily activities. Do something that takes your mind off things and lets you have some fun and unwind.

I hope you have a great time trying some of these out! I know my friends and I do and some of these are still even on my list!

Make sure you comment and let me know how things go!! I’d love to hear from you!

Also feel free to share with your friends who might be missing out on their vacation too!

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