EF Ultimate Break Review

EF Ultimate Break Review


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EF Ultimate Break formerly known as EF College Break is a company that runs group tours for people between the ages of 18-28. (You do not have to be enrolled in college.) Tours are offered all year round and go to every continent except Antarctica. One of the best things about EF College Break is that airfare, hotels, and a full time tour director are all included no matter what trip you decide to venture on. They also include sight seeing tours, transportation between cities, breakfast every morning, entrance fees into select attractions, and 24 hour emergency phone service. Plus they offer plenty of free time so that you can still explore on your own! The best part its affordable! (If you want to save $100 on your first trip fill out the contact form below!)

I wanted to write this review to try to answer as many questions as I can that you might have about EF Ultimate Break. Why? because I absolutely loved the tour I took with them, and if this encourages people to take the steps necessary to take one then its worth it!

When I first saw the ad on Facebook for EF College Break I thought to myself that this is way to good to be true. For almost two years I contemplated whether or not I should try it. I read some reviews of different trips that people had gone on and was finally convinced. I had been eyeing up the Belize tour for a while, but was so afraid to go alone. So one day I was sitting on the computer, got that 10 seconds of courage, and the rest is history.

So because of the awesome experience that I had, here is everything that I could think of that you might want to know! If I missed something please feel free to comment below and I will be happy to answer your question the best that I can!

Why Did I Choose EF Ultimate Break?

EF plans absolutely everything. All I had to do was pay, confirm all my passport information, and make sure that I was on time for my flight.
After going through the Itinerary I knew that I would be able to see most of the highlights that Belize had to offer, and still have enough time to do the things that I wanted to do on my own.
Although I had traveled and been out of the country quite a few times before, I was really nervous about going alone.  I then found out that a lot of people who sign up with EF College Break travel solo.  So I knew it would be a lot easier for me to make new friends. You don’t have to be enrolled in college or any type of school; if you are between the ages of 18 to 28, you are good to go!

What’s Included

Airfare, Accommodations, Transportation between cities, Full time tour director, Sight seeing tours, Breakfast every morning, Entrance into select attractions, and 24 hour emergency phone service.


Costs vary depending on the trip you pick. EF offers a payment plan if needed or you can pay in full! Additional excursions not included in itinerary are available at an extra cost, they also vary. Spending money that you will need for lunch, dinner, and souvenirs.  You will also need some extra for tips.  All of this will be explained in more detail in the emails you will receive from EF.

How Much Free Time Do You Get?

About 50% of your time is unplanned. There is a daily itinerary, but you still have plenty of time to explore on your own and do whatever you want.

Is it alright to go alone?

Yes! If you don’t have anyone to go with you, don’t sweat it! You will definitely make new friends! I am so happy that I went alone. Not only did I meet a ton of new people, I now have a bunch of new friends to travel with in the future!  EF also creates a group Facebook page before you leave for your trip. If you take advantage of this, it helps you connect with the people you will be traveling with a little bit before your trip. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! In the group I was in, we exchanged Instagram and Snap chat names. I also knew who to look for during my layover. I was able to meet a few people before I even made it to Belize!

You make friends so fast!  Everyone has so many different interests, it is easy to find someone who will go along with whatever you want to do!

What is the transportation like?

The flights are exactly what you expect. I flew on Delta. There were movies, television shows, and games which helped pass the time. When traveling from city to city, we were on a bus. Even though some of the bus rides were a little long, we talked, played games, and did many other things to help pass the time. We rode a ferry and we also had to take one taxi ride.


For the most part, the places we stayed were pretty decent. The first place we stayed was nice. Our group took up the entire place, so we were able to do whatever we wanted to. There was a bar, fire pit, volleyball court, and a few other things. The second place we stayed was a beautiful resort on the beach. There was a ton of stuff to do there, and it was within walking distance to a few restaurants and bars. The third place we stayed was a little different. It was secluded and only had a bar, restaurant, and gym.  The last place we stayed in was a nice hotel that was on the beach and was located close to everything.

Overall, I would say the places which we stayed at were pretty much what I expected. You won’t be staying in a 5 star hotel, but they are clean. You don’t spend a lot of time in the rooms so they are enough for what you need.

How is the food?

Breakfast is provided every morning. Breakfast wasn’t anything fancy, but it was still good. Most of the lunches and dinners are on you so you will have a lot more options to choose from then. Rice and beans is the national dish of Belize so we definitely got to eat a lot of it, but as we traveled to the different cities more options became available. Overall, I really enjoyed the food. Plus, I got to try a few new things!

Customer Service

I didn’t really deal with customer service too much, but every interaction that I did have was pleasant and super easy. After the trip, an EF representative called to ask how the trip was and just some basic questions like what my favorite part was or if there was anything I would change. When I went to book another trip they were really quick to respond to any questions I had. If need be, they really are great to work with.

Do you recommend EF Ultimate Break?

Without a doubt! You really can’t beat it. If you want to go with a tour group I highly recommend EF College Break. Everything is simple and extremely convenient. The tour director did change the itinerary a couple times on the trip just to make things flow a little more smoothly. It wasn’t a big of a deal, and we still got to do all the activities we had planned. This is a great opportunity to experience new things and meet some awesome people! I had such an amazing time on this trip… it turns out that I have actually already signed up for another one!

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Odds and Ends

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Try to pack as light as possible.  There’s a lot of moving around and the less you have to carry the better!

I highly recommend getting the travel insurance.  Just in Case!

Get a good camera and take extra memory cards. You’ll want to take a lot of pictures!

Know whether or not the place you are going requires outlet converters.

Take a small pouch or purse.  I used a flip belt and it worked perfectly to hold all my things.

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